With so much competition in the escort space, it’s highly beneficial to ensure that your profile stands out from the rest. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at five things you should mention and look out for when creating your advertisement. If you follow these simple guidelines, we guarantee you’ll have a much higher success rate when it comes to attracting clients.

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tips-to-escort-profilesNow then – let’s discuss our five tips and tricks to a better escort profile.

#1 – Have a Style

You want to make sure that your written profile is a reflection of your service to ensure that you’re attracting the right type of client. Are you a serious, high-class escort that deals with elite, submissive men? Make sure your profile reflects that! If you’re fun-loving and a free spirit, you want to make sure people know. You have to remember that who you are as a person is the most important thing to convey. After all: you’re selling yourself, so make sure people know what they’re in for.

#2 – Brevity

Keep it short. Minimize word usage. In the escort industry, less is more! Revise your text and play with the structure of sentences: essays are dull. You should be tasteful and descriptive, but when trying to attract attention, the less people have to read, the better.

#3 – Provide the Details

escort-profiles-tips-to-attractWhile this might run counter to #2, there’s a fine line between keeping something short and not giving the client information they desire. If you have social media accounts or a website, link them – you should also detail when you’re typically available, what your prices are, what services you will/won’t do and, of course, a decent number of pictures. Data we’ve collected shows that escort profiles with 3 or more pictures are twice as likely to receive expressions of interest compared to those who only provide 1 or 2 images.

#4 – Think About the Reviews

Your profile here on Review Escorts will typically have feedback left by previous clients that have met you through our community: always think about the little steps you can take to attract five star feedback. Clients are most interested in genuine pictures, a safe environment, enjoyable interaction and someone who’s honest from the get go. Small details like offering mints, shower usage, bottled water and so on are all signs that you’re going above and beyond to service your clients’ needs. Positive feedback is good for business.

#5 – Look at the Competition

It goes without saying that if someone else is getting customers, they’re probably doing something right. Compile a list of other escorts that you see as prominent in the industry and go over their profiles to see what they’re doing different. You shouldn’t steal what they’re saying, but pay attention to the structure, language and style of the writing: these are all things that you should take on board when writing your own profile. You can also think about outsourcing the creation of your advert to a third-party – this is particularly useful if you’re not a native English speaker. Experts are out there that do this type of thing for a living!

So there you have it: five top tips for writing the perfect escort profile. If you haven’t already joined us at Review Escorts, be sure to sign up and put your advert on our platform today – it’s completely free!


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