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On ReviewEscorts you will find a series of articles aimed at high-end escorts - real guides that will have the goal of allowing the escort to optimize and improve its work and consequently its days.


High-end escort in UK and unreliable clients: how to behave?

If you’ve worked as an escort for a while, you’ve probably know by now that negative experiences with clients are part and parcel of the job. At...

Make-up products a high-end escort can’t live without

Every high-end escort needs a good support system. Whether it is a best friend, guilty pleasure TV marathons, and of course, the trusty makeup bag. In today’s...

Independent Luxury Companion in London: interview to Nicole

Our space has begun! This is the first of many interviews that we will make to the leading UK sex professionals, who will tell us their story,...

How to pay taxes if you are an escort in the UK?

While escorting is legal in the UK, it would be advisable to be cautious about the way in which you describe your line of work to the...

High-end escort in London: the workout to take care of your body

Every smart girl knows that being a high-end escort is about so much more than making clients happy inside the bedroom. It’s about giving them the chance...

Why do men go to escorts?

Why do men go to escorts is a frequently asked question. There are a lot of reasons that can explain this attitude and this topic is also...

What’s the most important thing for an high-end escort?

The most important thing for an high-end escort? Maintain a high level of health and prevention: here’s how to do it! Being an escort is no easy task....

High-end escort: how can you earn more money with less calls

Do you know that you can earn more money with less phone calls? Seems easier said than done, right? Not to mention, everyone is big on making...

5 Escort Profile Tips To Attract More Clients

With so much competition in the escort space, it's highly beneficial to ensure that your profile stands out from the rest. Today, we're going to be taking...