Sometimes it can happen that when you share a sexual experience with an escort you can start feeling something different for her. If you fall in love with an escort you have to know how to behave, because this could help you make the right decisions.

First of all you need to be conscious of the fact that in most cases sharing sexual experience is only a job for the girls of escort agencies. When you pay a girl you are paying for the sexual experience and for an unforgettable moment, but in most cases you are considered only a client and nothing else.

The girl you are paying agrees to meet you request and she could also really like you, especially if you know how to make an escort happy. But it is important to remember that it can also happen that the girl doesn’t like you, but she will have sex with you anyway, because you are the client and she wants you to enjoy the experience.

If you want to know how to behave when you fall in love with an escort you have to consider another side of the topic: girls who work for an escort agencies have had and will have some experiences that normal women maybe will never have. These experiences could bring them to have particular ideas about love and sex and you should be prepared to this.


These experiences could affect escorts’ emotions, sometimes negatively. The escort you like could also be in searching for something you can’t guarantee her, so it is useful you try to understand why she is selling sexual experiences and what she is looking for.

If you fall in love with an escort and you desire to have with her a love story you should understand that the girl has her desires and needs and that sometimes it is not simple to change the lifestyle radically, or often changing the lifestyle is not what the girl wants to do.

If you really love her and if you really want to try to have with her a true love story you have to respect her and not to force the situation. Most of the girls that work for escort agencies are not ready for a conventional relationship and for letting true love come in their lives.

As for you, are you ready to have a love story with a girl that has sexual experiences with other men? If you are not ready to this, you should admit you need to change your ideas about relationships to have a chance of having her as your girlfriend. This need derives from the fact that you cannot pretend to make her change her job. Maybe she will want to change her life, maybe not: this is her choice and you mustn’t interfere.

A love story between an escort and his client is not impossible. It happens often that escorts fall in love with one of their clients and this can give birth to a flourishing relationship. Look at the signals she makes and if you’re sure she really likes you make your move and hope she is ready for a love story.


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