When you choose to spend your time with an escort you can expect a great experience. In order to spend wonderful time with the girl, you need to know how to behave with an escort, especially if this will be your first time.

Those are some good advices you should keep in your mind if you are looking for great experiences and if your goal is to spend good time with the escort of your dreams.

1. Protect yourself and the girl

This advice is useful not only if this will be your first time with an escort, but also if you have had other experiences with girls and with escort agencies.

Asking for sex without condom is not advisable and in addition most of the girls will not accept this request. So don’t ask for this and be prepared to wear your condom: protected sex is the best choice.

2. Don’t fall in love

A lot of men make this mistake: they fall in love with the escort, especially if they have found the escort of their dream, and they change their lifestyle and habits.

first-time-with-an-escortThis mistake is made very often and men at their first time with an escort are more at risk to fall in love. Sometimes it may seem that the girl really loves the client, but the client has to remember that the escort is just playing a role and that her real life is not that of the client’s fantasy.

3. Be respectful

This is a very important advice: you must be respectful with the girl you want to spend your time with. If you want to know how to behave with an escort and if you don’t want to make mistakes, remember that respect is the first thing in human relationships.

4. Don’t negotiate

If this will be your first time with an escort you should know that each girl has her prices and that it’s not fair to negotiate.

It is very common to see men who haggle, but most of the escorts hate this practice. In order to spend great time with the girl you have chosen it is better to accept the price she will propose.

5. Take care of your hygiene

Hygiene is an important aspect: it is common that an escort asks his client to shower, so you have to be prepared to this request. If this will be your first experience with an escort girl, don’t be surprised if she asks you to clean yourself.

6. Respect your expectations

When you decide to meet an escort you have some expectations you hope to realize. It is possible that the girl you meet is not like the girl you have imagined: in this case you can tell her what you’re thinking and feeling and you can interrupt the meeting, before going on.

7. Be a gentleman

This advice is useful in everyday life and also if you are going to meet with an escort. You have to be a gentleman and not to behave in an unkind manner. Being a gentleman can help you to have better relationships.

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