Do you know that you can earn more money with less phone calls?

Seems easier said than done, right? Not to mention, everyone is big on making promises they later fail to keep. But what if we told you there’s a program designed specifically to suit the needs of high-end escort services? Let’s speak about our partner, EscortBreak.

Life of an high-class escort isn’t that easy

We know and understand the dynamics of your work. How hard it is to juggle taking client calls, managing appointments and still making time for yourself. And, let’s be honest – an escort girl in UK needs a few hours a day to recharge her batteries, pamper herself or simply kick back and enjoy an hour of relaxing massage.


Having your phone constantly buzzing with calls and messages can be stressful. Not to mention, it’s simply not possible to answer every single one all the time. Popularity in this sector is something all escorts in UK chase, but once they have it – they struggle with it. Not long after you reach the top, you’ll find that 24 hours a day are simply not enough to: talk to clients and arrange appointments; take care of your body and well-being; sleep and rest; grow your high-end escort profile. Where to start? And how do you do all of this and keep your sanity?

Being a high-end escort is not just a job, it’s a fabulous, fast-paced lifestyle!

People don’t fully understand it, but a escort’s job is not that easy. When they look at a professional escort, what they see is her beauty and charisma, with perfect make up, always patient and accommodating, ready to passionately satisfy her client’s needs. But we know perfectly well that behind the pretty face there is a lot more! We know many girls who work in the industry and are well aware of how many hours of persistent work go into their immaculate image. Endless visits to the hair salon and cosmetic for manicures and pedicures, gym sessions, special diets and counting calories. And it couldn’t be otherwise! This is a job not anyone can do, it requires patience and charm.

While the life and work of a high-end escort can be exciting and fun, there are a few tedious tasks that you’ll have to handle on a daily basis. No one likes the boring part of work like organizing appointments, managing clients, sifting through dozens of calls and messages, but it needs to be done. Now, instead of losing hours doing all of that, you can switch to a simple, escorts software service that does all of that for you! EscortBreak is a sleek new online tool designed to make the life of an escort easier. This is literally technology at your fingertips made readily-available in a way that adds value to your business.

There’s no need to stress the importance of client satisfaction in this line of work. The effects of missed calls and unanswered messages can be disastrous. It’s all about making clients feel valued and important. But as your base of loyal clients grows, how do you stay committed to all working relationships without sacrificing quality? Or worse- without losing on your ‘me’ time to look your best?

We live in the digital age and we need to take advantage of it

People don’t meet organically anymore and escorts need to adapt to their clients’ need for fast response, feedback and online presence. Because, let’s face it – you could be the best at what you do, but if no one shares their amazing experience with you, it doesn’t mean anything. The social component of the sector is a must today.

So, how do you address all of these pressing concerns at the same time? Contact management issues, online presence, appointment tracking without compromising the relationship with your clients? And, more importantly, how do you do all that without wasting time on unreliable prospects who have no potential into turning into regular clients?

Your time is your most valuable asset


And you have a limited amount of it. At this point, you’re probably cutting back on favourite activities or hobbies in favour of ‘must do’ beauty routines or directly ignoring prospects you don’t see turning into potential clients. But cutting back is never the solution. Optimizing your time is!

EscortBreak offers a new, innovative and free way to:

  • Cut down on unwanted phone calls that waste your time
  • Manage your appointments
  • Increase your profit
  • Optimise your time allocation
  • Easily create your own website and add your calendar

EscortBreak is the first and only time management tool designed for professional escorts. Basically, it is tailor-made for high-end escorts and your needs. It’s an elegant, discreet and versatile solution – truly one that fits well with your line of work!

If you want to learn more, click here and find out all the benefits that you could get by using this simple tool.

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