Our space has begun! This is the first of many interviews that we will make to the leading UK sex professionals, who will tell us their story, their days and some interesting background of their work.

Today we begin by interviewing Nicole, an independent luxury companion in Central London. Go!

  • How did you actually move to start?

A wide array of unfortunate personal circumstances lead to the choice of giving a try to this profession, but the main reason was finances.

  • How was the first time?

As in everything else, being a newbie is nerve breaking and a little scary, but it did not feel any more weird than being intimate for the first time with a new date.

  • What advises would you like to give to your clients about how to prepare before a meeting with you and how to behave during the time passed together

No one can be prepared fully for meeting intimately a new person, but I would say for visiting an escort immaculate hygiene should be the clients first priority. Conducting themselves with honour, being respectful, punctual and aware of the escort’s boundaries; the rest is chemistry and whatever happens between two consensual adults.


  • Who are your clients generally?

My target clientele is probably not more than 2% of all punters. I am old fashioned and cultivated and do not cater to kinks, fetishes and sexually wild people.

My clients are mostly from the upper middle class, and in search of more than the obvious physical connection.

  • What distinguishes you from the others? Why do clients choose you?

Everyone is different and special in their own way. I am classy, educated and elegant, traits somewhat rare for this profession.

I can guess why clients stay loyal once they feel my personalized attention and unique character, but why they choose me is very individual. ‘Different strokes for different folks’.

  • What are the worst experiences that have happened to you?

I haven’t really had bad experiences, but I would say that not being able to screen and choose my own clientele while working for an agency in the beginning of my escort career, was the worst experience for me.

  • Have you ever had an orgasm while working? Or that you liked a client?

Yes, of course. That only makes me human. When a good chemistry is present and you are in the hands of a skillful and attentive lover, business or not, your body and mind respond positively.

I like most of my clients, as I never do repeats with people I do not like initially.


  • What gifts do you like to receive from your clients?

The thoughtful kind. However, any token of appreciation is greatly valued and welcomed.

  • How do you behave with venereal diseases? Are not you scared?

The only way to be 100% safe from STDs is abstinence. Every sexually active adult is in some form of risk of STDs.

Business or not – protection, awareness and education are the keys to everyone’s sexual health.

Never deviating from my rules or allowing greed to cloud my judgment are other two very important components of my safety.

  • And with love life how do you do it? Did you have a boyfriend in these years?

I am relatively new to this profession, but strongly believe that the escort business is not conclusive with personal relationships. It is either or.

Being with a man who is comfortable with the fact that several other men will devour you on a daily basis is not an option for me, neither is a relationship with a man who is not aware of my current venture, as obviously such relationship can’t be based on trust. No matter how committed to one person, being intimate with multiple other men can never be completely impersonal at all times.

  • Tell us the things you like most about your job.
Time flexibility and freedom. The ability and luxury to ‘wake up and smell the roses’, to take up on hobbies and personal interests without hurting my financial status or jeopardising my goals.

Meeting people from all walks of life and learning about the world from different perspectives and cultural prisms. Exploring my sensuality, my likes and dislikes, debating on life issues with interesting interlocutors, and cementing my values and self respect through my freshly earned social and communication skills.


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