Should I lose my virginity with an escort? Men who have never had sex may wonder if an escort could be their best solution.

The answer to this question is crucial, because this is not the case of simply going with an escort, but of losing your own virginity. This means you need to think about it before making a decision, in order to be sure that you will do the right thing.

If you are wondering should I lose my virginity with an escort you can read the points that follow, in which pros and cons are described in detail.


Let’s see the three principal pros of going with an escort for the first sexual experience:

1. Feel comfortable

If you are thinking about going with an escort to lose your virginity, you should know that one of the advantages of this choice is that the girls are prepared to this situation and can put you at ease and help you overcome difficulties.

2. Choose the girl of your dreams

Another advantage of pay a girl to have sex for your first time is that you can easily choose the girl that you prefer and that can satisfy all your requires and fantasies.

This is a great advantage because often the first time is not as men imagine and so going to an escort can help you avoiding a delusion.

3. Perfect location and situation

Paying for sex for your first time allows you to choose the location you prefer and to enjoy sex in the best situation you can desire.

Sometimes you can’t choose the location or situation of your first time, unless you choose to experience it with an escort. So this is another advantage loosing virginity with an escort.


These that follow are the principal cons of paying a girl for the first sex:

1. Have regrets

The first con is that you may have remorse about the choice you have made and regrets about how your first time would have been if you have not enjoyed your first time with an escort. This is what makes a lot of men choose not to go with an escort to have their first sexual experience.

2. Have sex with a stranger

The sexual experience you share with an escort is actually a sexual experience you share with a stranger. Although the girls are committed to put you at ease, at the same time they are strangers and there are not emotions that can justify this intimal relationship.

The fact you are going to share a sexual experience with a stranger has not to be necessarily a con, but it is fundamental you consider it before making this decision.

3. Pleasure of the conquest

When you decide to pay for sex you are losing the pleasure of the conquest, which derives from conquering a stranger girl you have met and that you like.

The pleasure of the conquest is one of the most important aspects for some men and this can explain why some of them prefer to wait and not to pay for their first sex.

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