Every high-end escort needs a good support system. Whether it is a best friend, guilty pleasure TV marathons, and of course, the trusty makeup bag. In today’s article, we’ve decided to muse on the must-have products every gal needs to get her through the darkest days. Here’s our guide to the makeup that’s got your back.

The Lipstick that Makes You Feel Like a Heartbreaker

It’s our guilty little secret! We all have that one shade of lipstick that makes us feel sexy and powerful even when we’ve just pulled an all-nighter.  Every high-end escort needs one. Whether you prefer hot pink, a deep plum or car-stopping red, always carry yours with you at all times for a kick of confidence whenever you need it. Plus, it’s a fool proof way to take your makeup look from day to night.

The Eyelash Curler that Gives you Big Doll-life Eyes

Every high-end escort is guilty of the cardinal sin of forgetting to curl her lashes on busy mornings. But you’d rethink skipping this step in your makeup routine if you knew what a huge difference it makes when done right. Using the curler will brighten your eyes, open them up and give you that amazing look of innocence and curiosity that guys love!

The Mascara that Helps You Flirt Effortlessly

We’ve all heard how the eyes are the windows to the soul and we know just how powerful a female look can be on a man’s heart. So you’ll want to do everything in your (and makeup’s) power to enhance your natural attributes. After curling them, it’s time for a layer or two of mascara to give them volume and depth. If you have the time and are feeling particularly adventurous, you can even go for fake 3D eyelashes but test to see if you’re sensitive to the application glue first as you may have an allergic reaction.

The Concealer that Covers All without Revealing Your Secrets

We all have our imperfections and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. But as escorts we have to live up to impossibly high standards of beauty and perfection similar to models and actresses. It’s more about the idea that people have of us really. Luckily, there’s another trick you can pull out of your sleeve. A high-quality concealer is a lifesaver when you’re trying to hide the effects of staying up all night, binging on unhealthy food or sleeping with your makeup on. No matter what cosmetic crime you committed, a concealer evens everything out, giving you an instant glow and smooth skin to die for.

The Blush that Adds Colour to Your Life

There is nothing cheekier than a cheery pinch of blush on the apples of your cheeks. Somehow a pop of pink always has the ability to shift your mood—or at least make us look bright and happy. After all, this is what escorting is (mostly) about – bringing a touch of much-needed colour in the life of men!

The Dark, Smoky Eyeliner that Brings Out Your Sexy Side

It’s a late-night appointments at a trendy club or bar across town and you want to highlight your darker, sexier side. Well, look no further than your kohl eyeliner, which will do the trick with minimal work. That sassy little pencil has the ability to make us feel mysterious and sultry every single time. And guys love a woman beckoning to be tamed.


The Bold Brow Enhancer that Makes You Look Like a Celebrity

Well-shaped brows have become than a trend since they now have a cult following. It almost seems strange, but you should never underestimate the power of a strong, well-done brow. Celebrity makeup artists swear by the technique that frames the face, transforms your look and boosts your sex appeal. So you’d better make that brow pencil part of your permanent makeup collection.

The Foundation that Evens Things Out

As much as we’d hate to admit it, sometimes skin has a mind of its own. That’s why a smart escort should always be prepared to tackle the less-than-ideal days. Keep a foundation on hand that soothes and keeps you even-tanned and confident. Switch products out seasonally, and be sure to select those that work for your skin type.

The Bronzer that Brings Summer to You

Rainy Britain can take a toll on girls with even the sunniest of personalities. So if you’re fed up with moody, cloudy weather – whip out that bronzer. With its sunny disposition, you’ll feel sun-kissed, joyous, and free—or at least tanned long before summer has come!

The Dependable Eyeshadow that Ties Everything Together

Consistent, warm, flattering—every escort needs to have that one eyeshadow that perfectly complements her skin tone and serves as a baseline for any makeup look she’s creating. There are so many benefits to wearing eyeshadow that we don’t know where to begin! It’s fabulous, it’s easy to apply (brushes or fingers anyone?) and it transforms you into a Hollywood diva in mere minutes. What’s not to love?!

With so many options out there, you can experiment, mix and match until you find products that work for your skin tone, type and condition. Throw out products you don’t use often and swap them for those that work for you. Sometimes, an acne outbreak and uneven skin tone can be the cause of using expired products that irritate your skin. Check product labels frequently and buy new makeup, sponges and brushes often to prevent this. Looking every bit the fabulous woman that you is really not that hard! But it starts with regular care and conscious shopping habits.


I hope you enjoyed the article and it came in handy. Keep in touch with us and continue reading our blog: every week you’ll see a new interesting article for your work.


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