What precautions do you have before going to escort? Men who decide to go with an escort have to be conscious of the risks that can occur sharing a sexual experience with a girl.

It is useful to know what precautions can be chosen and why deciding to have safe sex can help you to live a greatest experience. In fact it can happen that you may not enjoy the sexual experience you have paid for because you are worried about having sex without precautions.

1. Use the condom

The condom is the main precaution: it is fundamental you have safe sex with an escort and you can reach this target by choosing to wear the condom. Nowadays most of the escorts asks you to use it and does not allow you to share with them a sexual experience if you do not agree to this request.

The fact that most of the escorts obliges you to use the condom is a fortune, because this attitude protects you from contracting infectious diseases.

Condoms are very simple to use, there are a lot of different types and it is low cost. This means that condom is the perfect item to protect yourself from contracting infectious disease and to be sure not to be at risk while enjoying sex with an escort.

Buying condoms is easy: you can buy them on line, at the pharmacy or even in a supermarket. So you have a lot of possibilities to purchase them and you have no excuses.


Another advantage of the condom is that it has not side effects and so it is safe to use. In addition it is not necessary a medical prescription to buy it.

The use of the condom is a form of respect for yourself and for the partner, independently if the partner is your girlfriend or a girl you have paid.

2. Choose girls of escort agencies

When you wonder what precautions do you have before going to escort you should know that escorts are different. This means that there are girls with high risk and escorts with low risk.

The advice you should follow is to choose only escorts with low risk and so girls that work with an escort agency. Escort agencies are used to submit their girls to a medical examination frequently and this ensure you the girl you are going to pay is  healthy.

3. Read escorts reviews before choosing

The last tip to be sure of having safe sex is to read escorts reviews before choosing the girl you prefer and you want to share a sexual experience with.

Reading the reviews of the escorts of you area can help you find the best girl and to be sure not to be at risk sharing with her a private experience. You can take advantage of ReviewEscorts to discover the best escort agencies and girls near where you live.

ReviewEscorts collects a great number of reviews from the clients that have enjoyed sex with the girls they write about.


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