Hey there! Today, we’re going to be talking about escort reviews and why it might be a good idea for you to read them before meeting up with a provider.

In recent years, the focus on verifiable testimonials, third-party reviews and recommendations from impartial individuals has become one of the main driving forces behind whether or not a person is going to buy a product or hire a service. That is to say that instead of reading about something from a producer of something, people turn to others to get an idea of what the pros and cons are of a purchase they’re looking to make.


YouTube videos of unboxings, Amazon product reviews, long-form blog posts and the like are all types of reviews: our job here at ReviewEscorts is to bring that concept to the world of escorting.

In order to get a good idea of how a review of an escort could help, let’s take a look at one.

I've met up with Alison 3 times in the last 6 months - I keep on finding excuses to travel to NYC to see this goddess again! Charming and friendly, she's always up for anything and loves to laugh, make silly jokes and devote herself to you when you're together. Only problem I've had is that she's too damn good at making you feel fantastic - even a few days after a visit, I still think about her!

This is a sample review from our platform – you’ll notice that it allows the user to leave a star rating and a written message to include anything that they wish to include. In this particular case, a favorable review is left by the writer that contains some key pieces of information that might influence the decision of someone else:

  • Alison’s service was good enough to utilize again;
  • Alison has a carefree, friendly and charming attitude;
  • Alison is a loyal companion;
  • Alison will be in your mind for a few days after the experience.

Now, let’s compare the impression left by this review to another:

Where do I begin? The photos are accurate, but the place was hard to find and was in a pretty rough part of town. Around ten minutes into our time together just when things were starting to kick off, some guy knocked on the door and they had a little whisper argument which totally killed the mood. I got dressed and left not long after, she seemed to understand. Might be okay if you do an outcall.

This review also offers some key pieces of information that you would likely take into consideration, likely for different reasons to the first review:

  • The escort’s images are genuine;
  • The escort’s place of business isn’t in a nice area;
  • The escort has had issues of interruption in the past;
  • The escort is reasonable when it comes to cancellations.

One of the major benefits of reading escort reviews is that they give you insights you might not otherwise have about a service. You’re never going to see ‘I am sometimes interrupted’ or ‘I live in a sketchy neighborhood’ on an escort’s advertisement – feedback left by first-hand accounts are great for giving you details about something that will likely sway your choice on whether or not to go with that escort.

So not only does feedback provide positive affirmation toward something, it also helps you be cautious about the decisions you make with each service provider. This can also have a knock-on effect of accountability: an escort is less likely to do something unwarranted or that you find problematic if she thinks that it could impact her ability to receive business at a later stage.

why-read-escort-reviewsHere at Review Escorts, we encourage the free exchange of ideas and provide a platform where you can leave feedback for any service that you’ve experienced before, even if the escort in question hasn’t signed up to our site. Dozens of reviews are added on a daily basis by other members that will help you figure out which service provider you should pick.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Review Escorts today and see what people have to say about the escort you’re interested in!

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