The essence of Review Escorts is quite simple: we provide a platform through which escorts, and clients of escorts, can find one another in a safe, secure and informative environment.

For most services and products, people tend to take a look at reviews in order to determine whether or not it’s the right choice for them. At Review Escorts, we’re bringing this concept to the companion market. We provide two main services for escorts and clients that want a better experience:

For Escorts

Escorts are able to sign up to our platform, write about themselves, advertise their services and leave contact information for people to get in touch. Escorts can receive reviews from happy clients and use this to leverage further business from others. We believe that Review Escorts is best suited for providers that offer a stellar, honest service.

For Clients

Clients can use our platform to write reviews about experiences they’ve had and read reviews left by others when scouting for escorts in their area. This allows people to verify things such as picture authenticity, quality of experience and how truthful the advertisements for each escort are. The more people who contribute and leave reviews, the better the platform becomes.

Ultimately, the value that Review Escorts brings to the market is to keep everyone as informed as possible. One of the biggest problems within the escorting industry is the issue of safety: we believe that by having an open and honest review platform, escorts and clients can be confident with the choices they make. It stands to reason that the only escorts and clients that would have an issue with a review system are those that are likely to receive poor reviews. We want to attract individuals on both sides of the market that are likely to receive stellar feedback.

what-is-review-escortsPlease note that Review Escorts doesn’t discriminate against anyone who wishes to join our community. We are entirely open to escorts – and clients – who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, disabled or are otherwise a member of any other group that may find themselves untreated fairly by other platforms in the escort industry.

Alongside the feedback aspect of our website, Review Escorts also offers people the capability of searching for new service listings in a specific region. This is great news for clients and escorts alike: it gives more exposure to those who are offering companionship and provides a way for people interested in hiring an escort to locate trusted people in their area. Our advanced filtering system allows you to also pick and choose the exact type of escort that you’re looking for.

We’d like to point out at this stage that Review Escorts is 100% free to use – you won’t be charged anything for creating an account, setting up a profile or leaving a review. Escorts are free to edit their profile as they choose and will only be required to verify a phone number linked to your service for additional account security.

While we’re currently focused on the UK market, Review Escorts plans for rapid expansion across a number of countries over the coming weeks and months. If your country is not currently supported, we recommend that you check back in the near future: we’ll be adding new destinations all around the world well throughout 2018.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an escort or a client, come on in and join our fantastic community. You’re going to love what you find inside!

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