Why do men go to escorts is a frequently asked question. There are a lot of reasons that can explain this attitude and this topic is also an interesting one for research: some studies have been conducted to discover which are the reasons that make men buy sex.

According to a study published in 2005, the number of men buying for sex is doubled in only ten years and this means that knowing why do men go to escorts can help us understand the phenomenon.

Before describing the most frequent reasons of this attitude, it is important to underline that men who share with escorts a sexual experience are not perverts or misogynist, even if unfortunately sometimes they are depicted so.

1. Different sexual partners

One of the reasons why do men go to escorts is that this choice allows men to go with some or lots of different sexual partners. This is not possible in other ways, or by the way it is not simple unless considering escort agencies.

Some studies on this topic have showed that most of men prefer often to share sexual experiences with the escorts of their dreams. This means that men usually establish a circle of their favorite escorts and prefer to pay them.

2. Lack of a serious relationship

This is not always true, but in a good percentage of cases the lack of a serious relationship is the main reason for buying sex. This is also corroborated by the fact that most men have declared they would be ready to renounce to pay for sex in case they found the right girl.

3. Unsatisfactory sexual relationship

Often sexual relationships with women are not satisfactory and this can bring men to choose to spend time with beautiful girls. These girls can be easily found  also on the net, service like ReviewEscorts who help you to find the escort of you dreams

Escorts can help you live unforgettable sexual experiences and can make you realize your sexual fantasies and desires.

4. No problems, just sex

Traditional relationships are not made only of sex and this sometimes is considered as a negative aspect by men who want to enjoy sex only.

why-do-men-go-to-escortsDeciding to pay a girl for having sex seems to be the best solution to this problem: men can choose the girl they prefer and can spend with her only the time they want. At the end of the sexual experience they are not obliged to spend other time with the escort, unless they desire it.

The sexual desire and the advantage of not to be obliged to live other phases of the relationship could be reasons that can explain why do men go to escorts.

5. Sexual desire

Lots of men pay escorts to have sex with them just to satisfy their sexual desire. This does not mean that they are ill, but just that they have a sexual desire they need to fulfill.

The majority of the same men has declared that chooses to pay girls to satisfy this desire, but that at the same time this is not an addiction.

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